Tungsten Pagoda Nail Sinker

  1. Pagoda design to keep the sinker in place
  2. 97% pure tungsten
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Insert into soft plastic swimbaits, worms, lizards, and more to tune ,get more depth or create more action

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The Nail Sinkers are perfect for adding a small amount of weight to your soft plastic lures. An adjustment in weight can make the difference when conditions on the water change or you want to modify your bait’s action. Easily clipped down with standard line clippers, the Nail Baits are an ace-up-your-sleeve. The ability to make quick changes helps you stay one step ahead.




1/96 oz., 1/64 oz., 1/48 oz., 1/32 oz., 3/64 oz., 1/16 oz., 5/64 oz., 3/32 oz., 7/64 oz.


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